I have an online store! It is an external site hosted by Gumroad, check it out here:

It isn't a perfect store host but it has what I need. If it ever gives you trouble in any way please let me know! I'll work with you to fix any problems. You can also check this list of possible solutions: . I appreciate your patience as I get all the kinks worked out!

Here's the tablature I have on the store, as a pdf download:

You can sort through the tab using additional filters on the left. I will add tab periodically, feel free to request an addition as well.

And here's the instruments I offer:

When you order, you will input the different options you want such as VSL, tuning, etc. It may be easy to make a mistake in entering these in, but before I start building I will email you to confirm all the details. More information about the stick dulcimer below:

Stick dulcimer

It's just a fretboard! Great for traveling, lightweight and small.

Cost: $55 (plus shipping costs if applicable)

Buy through my gumroad store, or contact me directly and pay using Paypal or mailed check. Allow 2-4 weeks for completion.


-oak or walnut wood (+$10 for walnut, 3 or 4 string stick only)


-number of strings (add $5 for each additional string over 4)

-choice of frets; any extra frets, or any fret system outside the 12-tone system

See a sample of the sound here.

Do realize that this is a quiet instrument, but it's fun to experiment with using other objects to amplify the sound, such as table tops, styrofoam, pizza boxes...

(This is also great for anyone wanting to experiment with a unique zither design; I always enjoy an experiment! For an extra $25 I will also do fan frets).

This is also a cheap option for trying a chromatic fretboard, or a 4 string dulcimer; without having to change your main dulcimer.