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Here's the tablature I have on the store, as a pdf download:

You can sort through the tab using additional filters on the left. I will add tab periodically, feel free to request an addition as well.

Stick Dulcimers

Stick dulcimers are a great way to try out a new kind of dulcimer, or have a small dulcimer that's easy to travel with. It has no box, just the fretboard. Many folks have told me they enjoy experimenting with different surfaces, such as table tops, to produce more volume. You can see a sample of how one sounds here.


Shipping Costs:

Shipping currently costs $20-$25 depending on the length of the stick dulcimer ordered. I make every effort to keep my stick dulcimers as cheap as possible; however, shipping costs have been on the rise recently. I have done research and trial shipments, and have decided to stick with USPS as the most consistent and flexible option.

If you ever find an option that is cheaper than what I charge, let me know and I'll look into it!

Also, if you buy more than one dulcimer, you can save a lot on shipping because I can pack them together in one box. Email me at if you have more questions about this. Share the word with family and friends; maybe they would also like to buy a stick dulcimer and you both can save on shipping!

Ordering Instructions:

1 - If you have any questions, contact me before placing an order!

2 - You have your choice of tuning. However, please understand that not all tunings go with all lengths. A 16in VSL is ideal for tunings in the key of G or A. A 25in VSL is best for tunings in the key of C or D. There is still flexibility here, but if you are not sure please contact me.

3 - When specifying fret marker locations, please use either the diatonic or chromatic numbering systems, and specify which you are using! For example, to notate one common arrangement, I would type "3,5,7,10,12,14 (diatonic)". (With diatonic numbering, the 7th fret is the octave. Chromatic numbering is the same as on a guitar and the 12th fret is the octave).

Other notes:

I commonly get asked what fret marker locations I would recommend. It's really up to you! The only purpose is to help you see where the frets are, so whatever is easier for you is what you should order.

I also am frequently asked what wood type is "better". Since this a stick dulcimer, the wood type really doesn't affect the sound much at all. (The only difference I have noticed is that oak may absorb finger oils slightly faster, possibly because the grain isn't as tight). The wood type choice is really just what you think looks like nicer.

After you place your order, you should get a confirmation email from Gumroad right away (to confirm the transaction), and from me within 1-2 days (to confirm the details of the order).