GO Dulcimer

Latest News: My first album is for sale!

3 years in the making, this brand new album of solo mountain dulcimer playing features 12 tracks and a variety of genres. Click below to learn more about this exciting new CD. 

Why GO Dulcimer? This has a double meaning. 

First, "G.O." are my initials, as my name is Grant Olson. It is short for "Grant Olson Dulcimer". 

Second, it also means "Go Dulcimer!" as in, "Yay, I love the dulcimer!" 

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I've completely redesigned my store; it's easier to use and looks great! You can buy my new album, stick dulcimers, and tablature. 


Check out my new Patreon page! Also see the Patreon tab for more information. Benefits include behind-the-scenes access to compositions, and monthly tab downloads. (For $10/month get access to 13 previously published tab downloads and counting!)


Check out my latest video!


This playlist contains the 4 songs I competed with at the 2019 National Dulcimer Championship in Winfield, Kansas, along with an interview with Duane Porterfield of McSpadden Dulcimers.