GO Dulcimer

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Why GO Dulcimer? This has a double meaning.

First, "G.O." are my initials, as my name is Grant Olson. It is short for "Grant Olson Dulcimer".

Second, it also means "Go Dulcimer!" as in, "Yay, I love the dulcimer!"

Want to learn Classical Gas?

Consider becoming a patron of mine! Find more information here. When I reach 10 patrons, (at any level), I will make a tutorial video on YouTube teaching you how to play Classical Gas on a chromatic dulcimer tuned to DAD! (If you're confused what Classical Gas is, watch this video of my arrangement).

Hearts of the Dulcimer podcast

Check out an interview I did with the Hearts of the Dulcimer podcast:

Check out my new store!

I recently launched a new store, with a growing collection of tablature for sale, along with "stick dulcimers". Check it out here!


Check out my new Patreon page! Also see the Patreon tab for more information. Benefits include behind-the-scenes access to compositions, and monthly tab downloads.


Check out my latest video!


This playlist contains the 4 songs I competed with at the 2019 National Dulcimer Championship in Winfield, Kansas, along with an interview with Duane Porterfield of McSpadden Dulcimers.